When we planted the church we had an idea of creating programs and services that not only met the immediate needs of the South Bronx, but that did so in a way that conferred the dignity of the gospel to the folks being served. We had an idea of providing the services to anyone who had interest (regardless of their faith) and without any strings attached. We were freely given so we wanted to freely serve. After careful prayer and planning, Wonderfully Made was born. A little known fact is that Wonderfully Made was started before we launched public worship services. Wonderfully Made was always part of the plan. Well, the church is on the ground and running as is Wonderfully Made. We are proud to announce that Wonderfully Made Family Services, Inc. is now its own organization providing workshops at Advanced Math and Science II, Bronx Studio School for Writers and Artists, as well as providing home visits. Please join us in praying for and supporting their work. Visit them here or go to their go fund me page and lend your support. Thank you.


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